4 Jan 2012

Getting my raaaaage on!!!

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So as a completely serendipitous turn of events, what started out as an animation experiment suddenly turned out to be an unexpected hit amongst the vimeo community.

You can watch the video here:

What was fun about this project was that it was personal. No deadlines. No direction.
The only restrictions I had imposed on myself was

• It had to be completely done using the After Effects Shapes tool
• I had to use Duik ( a script allowing you to do IK rigs in After Effects. Frecklin Awesome)

I finished it at midnight a few days ago and thought it would be kind of fun to upload to the web and see if I could get a few giggles from my friends and showcase some of the new animation techniques. Within a few minutes of uploading I got some of the giggles I needed from some good friends and then went to bed.

Next morning I woke up to half a dozen emails notifying me of my film being added to various groups. One of which was the vimeo staff picks. For a second I was scratching my head. Was this THE Vimeo Staff picks? Or was there some other group with the same name. Sure enough I checked the staff picks group and mine had suddenly gotten to the top of the list! Surely this was a mistake…

Needless to say I was flippin out! What the frick!?! This video isn’t good enough to get on staff picks!!!

Anyways, I am humbled (humble bragging!) that anyone found this funny or at least shared in my sense of humour. And to everyone to enjoyed the vid, thanks for sharing the laughs with me.

Now for a sequel…

Check out the Duik site on how to do IK rigging in After Effects:


And this awesome tutorial on how to use it:

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8 Responses to “Getting my raaaaage on!!!”

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  2. dude. that was great. good work!

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  4. Great work. And since I would hate to praise your work without criticizing it: At 00:59 the driver can be seen emerging behind the shark where he should actually be hidden.

  5. Ha! Moritz! I think you are the first person to mention that ;) well spotted!

  6. So good! And funny as hell. Just posted up on Liquid TV!

  7. Marius Schaffter says:
  8. Hi.

    I am the coordinator of the Ciné-club of the University of Geneva. During the next festival (in Autumn), we would like to screen “Road Rage”. I wanted to know if this is possible?
    Could we get a good resolution copy? Are there fees to pay for the rights? Who should I contact?

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards


  9. Hi Marius,

    Thanks for you interest in road rage!
    If you would like to screen it at your festival you’ll have to email distribution@futureshorts.com . Hope it all goes well :)


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