26 Feb 2014

We got a review!

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I know I bang on about my feature a lot but you never stop loving your kids right? Well a few weeks back I submitted our feature film Shot down for review over at filmthreat.com and essentially if you give them $20 USD they will basically give you a review. Sounds dumb I know, and they even say on their FAQ that they don’t promise you will get a good review. But I guess I wanted to know where my film stacked up and what areas I needed to improve on. Ultimately the goal was to get a fairly objective view and see what a person who didn’t know me from a bar of soap thought of the film.

Well I finally got the review back written by the awesome Mark Bell. Check it out here!

So some interesting excerpts were “As far as originality of narrative goes, there’s not much in Nick Khoo’s Shot Down that you probably haven’t seen addressed time and time again”

but they also said “The film has a great energy about it, and the imagery is stylistically creative, playing with the edit and utilizing effects and animations to make something exceptional from the common.”

and “The performances in the film are strong too”

So I actually found the review quite encouraging. Why? Because the film was entertaining. Not original, but it was entertaining! And as a first time filmmaker I was trying to see if I could hold up a 70 min narrative and apparently I did “exceptionally!”

So to everyone involved, give yourselves a hand. This was no easy feat and we gave ourselves this opportunity and no one can take that away from us :)

and if you haven’t already seen our amazing film, watch it here for free! Why? Cause I love you guys that much :)

Shot Down [The Full feature film] Duration 70 mins from Nick Khoo on Vimeo.

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  1. Great film Nick. Wish I was around to help carry it

  2. Did you just watch it now?

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