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I know I bang on about my feature a lot but you never stop loving your kids right? Well a few weeks back I submitted our feature film Shot down for review over at and essentially if you give them $20 USD they will basically give you a review. Sounds dumb I know, and they even say on their FAQ that they don’t promise you will get a good review. But I guess I wanted to know where my film stacked up and what areas I needed to improve on. Ultimately the goal was to get a fairly objective view and see what a person who didn’t know me from a bar of soap thought of the film.

Well I finally got the review back written by the awesome Mark Bell. Check it out here!

So some interesting excerpts were “As far as originality of narrative goes, there’s not much in Nick Khoo’s Shot Down that you probably haven’t seen addressed time and time again”

but they also said “The film has a great energy about it, and the imagery is stylistically creative, playing with the edit and utilizing effects and animations to make something exceptional from the common.”

and “The performances in the film are strong too”

So I actually found the review quite encouraging. Why? Because the film was entertaining. Not original, but it was entertaining! And as a first time filmmaker I was trying to see if I could hold up a 70 min narrative and apparently I did “exceptionally!”

So to everyone involved, give yourselves a hand. This was no easy feat and we gave ourselves this opportunity and no one can take that away from us :)

and if you haven’t already seen our amazing film, watch it here for free! Why? Cause I love you guys that much :)

Shot Down [The Full feature film] Duration 70 mins from Nick Khoo on Vimeo.

26 Feb 2014

We got a review!

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I have written about this topic in-depth before and even written a movie about it, but the truth is there is a stand off between men and women in church circles ( or maybe even the world!)

What do I mean? I am talking about how ridiculously complicated it is to get to know someone of the opposite sex in a romantic way. (and yes I am speaking from my own experience).

So here is the problem (from the guys perspective).


They stand from afar and admire the girl of their dreams. Her golden flaxen hair. Her beautiful spiritual eyes. The boy’s single and hapless friends decide to chime in and give him advice about how girls love large romantic gestures and confessions of true love. The boy agrees and comes up with the gesture of the century, let’s say a dozen long stem roses, a lovely hand written love letter with a bible verse (probably Proverbs 31 cause she’s awesome that way) and a iPod loaded with love songs.

The night is set and he goes over to her place and leaves the present on her doorstep and waits for the girl to madly fall in love with him.

A day goes by. Nothing

2 days go by. Nothing

3 days go by. Nothing

The boy is going stir crazy. “What happened to my plan?” he thinks, “I’m pretty sure I left my number in the card?”

The boy asks his friends if he did the right thing and they all assure him that he did. They all tell him it’s because she is shy.

He is confused and decides to confront her.

The church service has ended and the boy plans his route towards the girl. He nervously wanders up to her and in a creaky voice says “hi”.

She turns around and sees him. Immediately the boy sees fear in her eyes. She nervously says “hi”.

The boy asks if she got the present, she says she did.

The boy asks what she thought and she replies she doesn’t feel the same way, but assures the boy he is a really nice guy. She gives the boy an awkward side hug.

The boy smiles bravely and walks away.

So some of you out there are thinking “he totally did the right thing!”

Well you’d be wrong!
Basically if I was to translate the scenario for you from the girls end it’s this:

Some guy whom you don’t know from a bar of soap leaves a present and a note confessing his love on your doorstep. The first thing that comes to mind is “loves me? This guy doesn’t even know me!”

He then confronts you at church and you puts you in an awkward situation of letting you down gently in front of all her friends.

Ok so what to do

First off, don’t listen to your single friends who have a really bad track record of getting together with the ladies no matter how convincing they sound. They are single for a reason and overcomplicate things.

Secondly, get to know the girl first in a “let’s be friends” situation. If you guys can’t be “just friends” you’re going to have bupkiss chance of being more than friends.

Thirdly, when you take her out on date make sure you keep it pretty casual. Don’t go all out on some hot air balloon ride with champagne and caviar. It’s your first date! She might not even like caviar! Save your A-material for later when you’re sure she is one for you. Oh and also make sure you :

- Smell good
- dress well
- and compliment her on what she is wearing
- don’t confess your love (at least not for a little while. Maybe after date 4? Haha)

Chill out. Have a good time. And remember “Coffee does not equal marriage”.

Oh and if you need a movie to watch on your first date, make sure it isn’t this one!!!

Ps. I’m also working on a new short “The look”. Have a look at this sneak peak.

21 Mar 2012

Girls and Boys in church – A Mexican standoff

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We finally had it! We had the bloody premiere! Although it came right in the middle of one of the most stressful weeks of my life, it was definitely all worth it.

Thanks to everyone who came out despite the crap weather, it seriously was a blast to have shown it in a theatre and a big thanks to the guys at Dendy Circular Quay for doing a ridiculously good job at looking after us.

You can read all about my film making experience over at Monica’s site if you’re interested.

I have currently entered the film into a few festivals to see if it goes anywhere. To be honest anything from here on in is a bonus and it’s nice to be able to finally get this film out in the world. I’ll let you know if it will be screened somewhere near you.

In the meantime here are some photos taken by Annette Sicari, the Production Supervisor of our film and an amazing director herself :)


7 Dec 2011

Shot Down Movie Premiere

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Well it’s been a bit of a whirlwind season settling into my new job and learning a whole lot about things I never thought I’d ever be interested in (render passes? Ambient Occlusion? Ray tracing? Topology? pffftt… please… they are things I will never have to learn).

In any case, if you would garner some wisdom from this asian man whilst I stroke my long whiskery beard,know this

Get busy living, or get busy dying ahem… I mean this:

If you’re not finding yourself getting better, you’re getting worse.

And that essentially is the cornerstone of everything I do.

So i have a movie I did a while back from which you can watch the trailer here:

I did it mostly because I wanted to stretch every ability of my being mentally, physically, creatively, logistically.
I did it cause I wanted to get better.
I did it cause I wanted to do something I’d never done before.

And now it is done! phew!! 4 years later! And I can tell you, I have learnt A LOT!!!

We’re about to attempt a premiere of it in front of all our friends in a few days.
Am I excited? yes!
Am I nervous? hell yes!!
But seriously, its gonna be fun and some photos will be coming soon!! stay tuned!

4 Oct 2011

Shot down – our first feature film!

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